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Vinispana is the largest Spanish wine group in terms of production as a result of binding of 8 major cooperatives in Spain, which produces 8% of bottled wine 15 Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications .

Our collaborative source allows us to maintain our traditional, controlling production from planting the vineyard to the bottling.

Our partnership allows us to offer diversity of grape varieties, appellations of origin and types of bottling.


In our own 30,000 acres of vineyards we produce more than 100 million kilograms of grapes from 18 different assortments

Our sales exceed 50 million bottles in 30 nations

Our 16 bottling lines are able to raise more than 50,000 bottles per hour.


Our 8 bottling plants are outfitted with the latest technology that enables us to satisfy the needs of our discerning clients.

Our facilities are certified by the highest standards of quality, BRC, IFS, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and CSR


Our 16 bottling lines offer a high flexibility of formats such as bag in box, bottle 187 ml, different cases of bottles... and traditional type of jacket (synthetic cork or different cases) or threaded (screw or Stelvin) we can present the wines in any instance, with different types of finishes and identification.